Benjamin Rhys Jones

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Looking for tina for a little bit of something saucy… What she died!?

£2.50 for some rolos!!! Norris the robbing bugger!

@elean0rr_ doesn’t like her new house in weatherfield

Just finished filming Tina’s death reconstruction for Crimewatch 🚨

Ellie thinks she’s bloody tina @elean0rr_ !

Steve and Lloyd trying to rip us off … £400 to wombourne PISS TAKE!!

The awkward moment when @elean0rr_ nearly breaks the arm of a dalek off haha
I’ve need one of these!! #starbucks
Come on Gail give us a flash!
Found the real CORRIE!!
And then I said PATRICIA YOUR READING THE NEWS WRONG ahhahah @elean0rr_ #newsreaderlife #bbc #breakfast
Finally got a blue peter badge @elean0rr_
Near far wherever you are!! #titanic @elean0rr_